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Jul. 4th, 2012 06:32 am
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[Shia switches the video on, smiling a bit tiredly.]

Hello, everyone. I've been busy lately, but... I thought that I should check in. How are you?

... I've been... well. A little tired out, but I've been trying to get more rest when I can. Work has been going very well.

[she hesitates. ah... she should probably address this, despite the fact that she's afraid to.]

... I'm sorry for worrying my friends with my written entry. I hadn't intended for anyone but myself to see it... but I'm alright. And-- and, as for the mistake that I'd made...

... it's... honestly a little personal. I'm sorry, but I would rather not talk about it.


Jun. 28th, 2012 04:08 am
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There's been so much talk of death lately... I can't help but feel sad.

[she glances up into the camera, eyes round and sad.]

Is it... true? That this place somehow... shows the deaths of certain members?
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HEY EVERYBODY, Shia's got a while of just chilling and working at the cafe before her next major canon thing, so! Anyone wanna plot with her? Anyone? :D? :D?
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Please forgive me for running away before. I was afraid.

[she takes a breath, steeling herself.]

... I don't... remember much of my life before Klaus-san and I arrived on earth. All that I know for certain is my name, and... what I am. I'm sorry for deceiving you, but... I didn't want to frighten anyone.
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higuchisan thinks i should practice typing, i am not sure why but i cant say this to them so i will try to type it. im losing my strength. it scares me. i cant give up yet, i have to find it but what if i dont want to, can i really just live this way until
i dont want to lose them. klaussan told me i am too close to them. maybe he is right. but its too late now higuchisan andmishasan
they are
i think i messed up

[any typing mistakes are hers. she basically typed this with one finger. it took a while. responses are all text in an attempt to avoid waking Misha; they had gone to bed, but she wakes when the laptop notifies her there are comments and she realizes what the comments are to.]


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